How to Launch a Successful NFT Project | 2022 Guide

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Launching an NFT collection can seem intimidating, but with the right message, planning, and execution, your project can be a success. This how-to guide breaks it down to the basics with simple language, clear steps, and lots of tips.

What's inside:

-3 factors for a successful project
-How to define your message
-Growing your community
-NFT tech requirements
-NFT marketing tactics
-Tips for launching
-NFT planning checklist
-Tools, websites & resources
-Web 3.0 glossary

You don't have to be a coder, engineer, developer, or crypto genius to launch an NFT collection.

We weren't – but we figured out what works, what doesn't, and some key learnings along the way. This guide is our personal notebook based on our experience developing a successful NFT collection.

It's been organized, categorized, and broken down so that anyone can understand what's needed to create an NFT collection.

Written by The LAB at Food Fight Studios

What are NFTs?
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How to Launch a Successful NFT Project | 2022 Guide

What you get
PDF guide + access to our private GitBook where all content is hosted and updated in perpetuity.
Includes Resources, Tools & Tips
Tips for launching, NFT planning checklist, tools and websites, web3 glossary
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